Current Parish Council Projects

Village Green Notice Board

Cllr Paul Wooldridge is leading the initiative for an information notice board on the village green which is being managed by village green warden Bob Evans.

Car Parks

An uninhabited part of the parish, to the south of the A34, has been transferred to Abingdon following planning consent to build several hundred houses there. SPC will however benefit from some special S106 development grants and these windfalls will be used to help fund three fairly large capital projects.  The first involves the rebuilding of the dilapidated stone wall fronting the village green next to the stream – now completed. The biggest project is to resurface the village hall car park which is in a bad state of repair. This is expected to cost many tens of thousands of pounds.  On a somewhat smaller scale, it is also hoped to resurface and tidy up the parking area along the top edge of Bayworth Triangle.  The Parish Council Chairman, Colin Weyer, is leading the Sunningwell car park project.

New Village Hall Lease

Cllr Oliver Isaacs is managing the new the Village Hall lease with the village hall management trustees which was initiated by Cllr Wooldridge to replace the previously defective lease.  The lease has been signed by all the village hall trustees and is currently awaiting formal witnessing.

Annual Guy Fawkes Bonfire and Firework Display

Each year Cllrs Bennett, Greenman, Isaacs and Weyer build the bonfire and Guy for the annual 5th November display.

Quarry Footpath

Cllr Mike Wykes is leading the project to re-open the Quarry Footpath (No. 8) which has been blocked by the failure of the steps at the quarry face.

Annual Village Green Summer Fête

For many years Cllr James Greenman (together with his wife Sheila) has devoted considerable time to the organisation and running of this annual event.

Completed Projects

Boars Hill Speed Limit Reduction

Following representation from a number of residents regarding road safety along Foxcombe Road, the Parish Council submitted an application for the speed limit to be reduced from 40 to 30 mph.  This project was led by Cllr Colin Weyer and was implemented towards the end of 2017.

Installation of Kissing Gates

Cllr Wooldridge initiated and managed the implementation of kissing gates at each end of footpath No. S15 (Foxcombe Road – Bayworth) to prevent illegal use by cyclists.


The defibrillator funded by the council and located in the old Sunningwell village telephone box was suggested and organised on behalf of the parish by the clerk, Brian Rixon. Cllr Paul Darby undertakes regular checks on the Sunningwell Village defibrillator. However, the listing of this facility is currently suspended by SCAS due to interference by one or two irresponsible and disruptive persons whom the police are currently seeking to bring to book.

The defibrillator located at the entrance to the Beaumont Care Home at the top of Bayworth Lane on Boars Hill was provided on the initiative of Cllr Weyer who secured funding from the Beaumont Care Home, the Boars Hill Association and Sunningwell Parish Council.  Cllr Weyer continues to undertake regular checks of the facility to ensure that it remains listed by South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) and thus available for use in an emergency.