These are the details for each of the parish councillors. You can contact them direct or use our contact form, if you prefer.

Colin Weyer – Chairman  (joined the council Sept 2012)

Cllr. Colin Weyer

3 Meriden, Foxcombe Road, Boars Hill, OX1 5DG

Paul Wooldridge – Vice Chairman (joined July 2010)

Cllr. Paul Wooldridge

Hill House, Hamels Lane, Boars Hill, OX1 5DJ

Gina Bale (joined June 2022)

Cllr. Gina Bale

Foxdale, Fox Lane, Boars Hill, OX1 5DR

Paul Darby (joined May 2019)

Cllr. Paul Darby

10 Brumcombe Lane, Bayworth, OX13 6QT

James Greenman (joined 2011)Cllr. James Greenman

2 Beaulieu Court, Sunningwell, OX13 6RQ

John Simms (joined June 2022)

Cllr. John Simms

Yatscombe Lodge, Foxcombe Road, Boars Hill, OX1 5DG

Mike Wykes (joined July 2016)

Cllr. Mike Wykes

Beaulieu Court Farmhouse, Sunningwell, OX13 6RB



Brian Rixon (appointed May 2011)
Clerk and responsible Financial Officer
7 Yew Tree Rise, Croughton, Brackley, NN13 5UW

Telephone: 01869 811976