Sunningwell Parish is located just south west of Oxford and north of Abingdon. It comprises four separate communities:

  • Sunningwell village
  • Bayworth
  • Boars Hill (eastern part)
  • Long Furlong (part of White Cross).

The parish is notably smaller than most parishes having a population of just 904 at the last census. For example, the neighbouring parishes of Kennington, Radley and Wootton are each more than three times as large.

Sunningwell PC has just one part time member of staff, who is the parish clerk, contracted to work about one day per week.

Electorate 2022

The number of voters on the roll for 2022, and the separate dwellings in which they reside, puts this in context.


  • Boars Hill 268,
  • Sunningwell 177
  • Bayworth 166
  • Long Furlong 93

Giving a total of 704


  • Boars Hill 129
  • Sunningwell 88
  • Bayworth 85
  • Long Furlong 46

A total of 348

Sunningwell Parish. Registered Voters on roll 2021/22
Sunningwell Parish. Registered Voters on roll 2021/22