During the Covid crisis it became apparent to the council that we have no quick and easy way to communicate with parishioners.

Accordingly, at its meeting in March 2021, the council agreed to set up a database of Sunningwell parishioners and that it will be managed by the clerk in accordance with GDPR rules which are set out in the Privacy Notice.

Participation is entirely by consent and you do not have to join in if you do not wish to. You may also withdraw your consent at any time in the future. However, among the advantages are that SPC will be able to send you occasional emails providing you with details of council meetings (including Zoom links when necessary), agendas and minutes etc. We will also be able to keep you posted on items of local interest and council sponsored events such as the annual bonfire party.

If you wish to participate please fill in the form and submit it.

Your partner, and any other adult living in your household who wishes to, should follow the same procedure.