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A Parish Council election was originally called for May 4th 2023. The retiring seven councillors chose not to stand for re-election and only two other candidates came forward. Therefore James Salter-Carn and Mike Woodward were elected unopposed, but a council could not be formed as the quorum is three members. 

Subsequently, a second election was declared for Wednesday 14th June and now six candidates are standing for five vacancies. This means there will be a real election – something that has not happened in Sunningwell parish for very many years. A very positive development and vision for the parish. Please support this new era by casting your vote(s).

The polling station will be open on Wednesday 14th June from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

POLL CARDS have not been issued for this election but are not essential. They normally tell you when to vote and at which polling station. For you it is the same as the recent District Council election – that is Sunningwell Village Hall, 55 Sunningwell OX13 6RD.

Please remember you need to show your Photo ID to confirm your identity. Examples of Photo ID are a passport, a photocard driving licence, a blue badge or photo bus pass.

Profiles of the six candidates.The following article has kindly been prepared by Sunningwell Scene and includes a profile on each of the six candidates standing for election on Wednesday June 14th (NOT Thursday).

Sunningwell Scene is a private media channel and is not part of the parish council.